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L. M. Bogart to sister Martha Misemer, June 16, 1864, page 1

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  • Camp.Thomas.Tenn June 16th 64 Mrs. M.J. Misemer My.Dear.Sister As an opertunity presents its self to convey you a letter I shall try & write you a few lines I have bin verry ung = rateful to you. for I promised to write to you when I left home & I think this is the second time I have wrote. you scolded me for not writing to you the last time you wrote to me & I never replied & I fear most affectionate sister you will think hard of me for not writing to you, I have just lay about & indulged in my laziness till I cant write to do any good & then I've got no pen. Marsh has just come in & loant me his pen so I think I can come a little better speede I am actually ashamed of my writing, I know I could write when I left home but I cant do any good now, I will tell you one reason of it I have bin writing with a Gold pen all the time till I cant write without one & I'm not able to buy one, Sister will you forgive me for being So inconstant to you & not you alone but Father and Mother it looks, hard to ask your pardon without pleading not guilty though you must grant it & I'll try & write to you again in the coarse of a month or six weeks and you must return the same compliment that I would write more than I do but their is no use of it their is only six of us boys here & I think a letter from

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