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Travel to Washington D.C.

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  • ) 0 Vevihington, D. C, January 10th., 1901, Mr. ¥. A. Hemphill, c/n Sh« AhtaiMa Journal, Atlantaf da. My dear Bir:- A Mil 1* tatroiRwSl in both the Senate fead House of Rep- r* sen Satires iiiimt this morning, appropriating the sisa of Five Million (5,000,000} Boilers for the purchase of lands in Astern horth Carolina, !&ft Tennessee and Horth Georgia, for the proposed Southern Appalachian Forest Reserve and Park. Senates Pritchard, from horth Carolina; Mr. Richmond Piereon, Mt|«f of Congress, .from Ashevill-tj Mr. M. V. RiohardSj of the Southern Railway and I all agree that your presence here for a few days, in the interests of this measure, will be quite benefitial. All your expenses will be paid. I need hardly emphasize the fact that thismatter needs prompt attention, if we are to accomplish ay thing during this short session of Congress, but tne outlook is decidedly favorable at the present tim®. Tours truly;, State Geologist of Horth Carolina, Ohai rmam Appalach ian Coram! t te@.