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Legislation on behalf of the Appalachian National Park

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  • % August 22nd, 1901, Mr. Geo. H. Smathers, neSYill*, N» C. My dear b L ?;* In compliant* with your request of yesterday, 1 herewith enclose you a copy of ths letter we h ive received rom . Clerk cf the use of Representativ • . South irolina and -d.u- enclose .. copy of the lettAr tiic'fi w* add] * .->\ Tno. p, Thomas, Jr,, whom the Clerk., or fchs Kous* states was rye introducer of the resolution, Prof, ol ■'.-. h ,-. already notified me that this bill and resolution had passed th< Carolina Legislature, If you succeed in finding out anything definite s I , I wish you would notify us us s* wish to gc ,. j *ess on our littls booklet at an early date. V -. ; r ily yo\irs, (R)

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