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Stories of mountain folk broadcast: 2014-06-14

  • The show begins with Amy’s story “I Ain’t Nobody,” the second part of her story about how she began to write her family’s history and become a storyteller. “Here Comes the Sun” accompanies the story. On Creative Corner, Doreyl talks with Jerry Sutton, who is involved with Shindig on the Green in Asheville. He talks about the upcoming performances and shares some information about its history and development. The interview is followed by “Raymond’s Repeating Banjo” by Raymond Fairchild and the Frosty Mountain Boys. On Stories of Mountain Folk, Amy continues her talk with Irene Bishop Hooper of Cullowhee, who shares some of her life achievements. “Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes” by David Grisman follows the interview. On Stories of the Cherokee, Shawn shares the second part (of 3) of a radio play based on the Cherokee story “Why Possum’s Tail is Bare,” performed by members of the Cherokee Boys Club’s Youth in Radio program. Flute music by Matthew Tooni accompanies the introduction and closing statement. On Down Another Road, Judy again welcomes Ann Hayes McDonald of Mills River, who shares some more stories of her youth. “Down in the Valley to Pray” by Andrews & Lawrence follows the interview, and the show ends with “The Promise” by the Cockman Family.