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Isaiah L. Kephart to Horace Kephart, October 29, 1888, page 3

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  • can take you around to the friends, and show you the historic homes of your ancestors. Mr. Penser told me that all the facts he had respecting his ancestors he had learned from his mother, and had them only from memory. he had no rec- ords. There are none of my fathers brothers living except William. He lives in Republic Co. Kansas. I do not know his address. E. B. can give it to you I think. I do not think he (Mr. K. ) could give you any facts. My father’s younger sister Nancy Hughes, lives three miles from Philipsburg, Pa. I saw her and her husband, Richard Hughes, at the Big- ler camp-meeting. her address is Phil- ipsburg, Pa, I do not think she could give you any facts. Nathan Kephart (son of Jonathon, above named) lives at Osceola Mills. He has a brother, Abraham living near Houtz dale, Clearfield Co., Pa. and a brother Adam,

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