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Mary K. and Frances Elvira Owens to Samuel Robert Owens, August 1945

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  • Webster, N. C. Aug. 29 – 1945 My Dearest Son Samuel – I am so happy and thankful to know today is the day of freedom for you. Bless your dear heart & do hope you are all right and able to enjoy it – thank God we are rite here by the radio hearing every move that is made so we know just about what is going on all the time. I do hope you can send me some kind of a message to know how you are. I am so thankful for you. Frank is waiting in [Sandy’s] [Col] till you get there to meet you and then come home with you a [] you. I will be looking for you home soon. We are well and getting on fine. There has been so many changes made – I know you want to see old Webster again. Your devoted mother and, Mary and Barry his son -

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