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Secretary of Agriculture visit

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  • J. A. HOLMES, state geoloo,st. NORTH CAROLINA GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, CHAPEL HILL, N. C. . ! O O P A $ leave the details as to what may or may not be done to the officers of the Park Association with this general observation that Sec. Wilson is as a rule a man of not many words and does not care much for the external appearance of things or formalities. Sec. Wilson's party will consist of the following: The Secretary and his son who is acting as his private secretary; Mr. Gif- ford Pinchot, Chief of the Government Forestry Bureau; Mr. P. H. ITewell, Chief of the Hydrographic Division of the U. S. Geological Survey; Mr. W. J. McGee of the Bureau of Ethnology; and myself. In case such a reception is given at the Battery Park it is likely that all of our party except, fee Secretary and his son will return to our special car at the railway station Wednesday night,and that the party including the Secretary will go down the Murphy road Thursday morning. I wish it A. were so that we could invite you and Mr. Powell and others of the Park Association to accompany our party down the Murphy road but the capacity of our small car is limited to six and we have kept the party small for the further reason that the Secretary after a period of hard work is desirous of getting out into the woods where he can keep quiet and rest for a few days. I have taken the liberty of sending a copy of this letter to Mr. Powell, not knowing but that one or the other of you might be out of town, Yours very truly, <g> State Geologist.

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