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Legislation on behalf of the Appalachian National Park

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  • Nov. I*?th, 1901, ■■". " a y;a...' I ' Secretary of the Senate, _^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^^_^^^_^^^_^^^^_^^^__ iichsiond, '';a, ?: ■•• clear ( ,. ' . acintion under si ... dt that an for <wts passed setae mim* <snrly last spring hu the Virginia Legislator* te reference to tht Proposed Southern Appalachian fa .-rut reserve* If this Act unci Resolution is in print fill you bindly furnish ua a copy of same by th* earliest mail convenient to you, or if thi saw* has nor appeared in print will you rio as the favor to have a copy of the A.ct as passed m ,ur and send th« sa»*t together srith the statement for v/ork clone at ao early date us possible, "Ta ..ail send remittance at once upon receipt of the fwsount the work costs* thanking you in advftnce for the favor shich 1 trust you will extend and for any or b. yoi ,aKe taice in (his natter, ■ . I as , ■ . very respectfully, i Secretary, (H)

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