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Correspondence regarding organizational meetings of the Appalachian National Park Association


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  • A. H. McQUILKIN, » H. T. COLLINS. DR. C. P. AMBLER, Chairman. f Secretary. ^,&hexxUls $0txv0 0f ®va0e $t. ©. $ax 86. Asheville, N. C., Dear Sir: There will be a meeting held in the City of Asheville, N. C, on November 9, 1899, for the purpose of organizing a National Park Association, and taking such further action as may seem advisable for inducing Congress to acquire an area of land somewhere in the Blue Ridge or Great Smoky Mountain Sections, suitable for a great National Park, similar in purpose to the Yellowstone National Park. It is not deemed necessary in this preliminary call to undertake to set forth the peculiar adaptation of the wonderfully grand and beautiful mountains of this section to the purposes of a National Park, but we would respectfully refer you to enclosed printed matter. The hearty co-operation of those immediately interested is asked for, and to that end the States, Counties and Cities of Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina are requested to send delegates, as are also all organizations within the State? named. Will you kindly bring this before your organization and have delegates appointed to attend this meeting, also request your local press to give it as much publicity as possible. The Railroads have agreed to give a rate of The citizens of Asheville will entertain the delegates while here, and through the courtesy of Mr. Vanderbilt they will be given a drive over the Biltmore estate. Signed, Please notify Mr. Chairman Entertainment Com mittee, Asheville, N. C, how many delegates your organization will send.

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