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Travel to Washington D.C.

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  • <5_j»A(^A Washington, T>. C.} January 19th., 1901 Col. John T. Wilder, Knoxvilla, 7e mi. My dear Sir:- A Sill is introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives here, this morning, appropriating the sum of Five Million (5,000,000) Dollars for the purchase of lands in Western Horth Carolina, last Tennessee and Horth Georgia, for the proposed Southern Appalachian Forest Reserve and Park. Senator Pritchard, from Horth Carolina; Mr. Richmond Fierson, Member of Congress, from Asheville; Mr. M. V. Richards, of the Southern Fa!, 1 way and &Lall agree that your presence here for a few days, in the in targets of this measure, will be quite beneficial. All your expenses will b« paid. Please wire Mr. M. V. Richards, Southern Railway Company, Washington, D. €., whether or not you can come, so that transportation can be arranged. I need hardly emphasize the fact that this matter needs prompt attention, if we are to accomplish anything during this short session of Congress, but the outlook is decidedly favorable at the present tirae. Yours very truly, v State Geologist of North Carolina, J v~- / Chairman Appalachian Committee.

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