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John Floyd Owens to Frances Elvira Owens, October 1943

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  • NAVY YARD, WASHINGTON, D. C. OFFICER IN CHARGE OF CONSTRUCTION POTOMAC RIVER AREA Tall Timbers, Maryland, October 10, 1943. The Treasury Department, Division of Loans and Currency, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, 54, Ill. Gentlemen: Re: Your let. CR: C This has reference to your letter of October 11, 1943 addressed to Mrs. S. J, Owens, Webster, N. C. relative to two United War Savings Bonds, Nos. C-26,222,259-E and C-26,222,260-E, registered in the name of Frank J. Owens, Webster, N, C. payable on death to Mrs. Francis Elvira Owens ( His mother) Address, Webster, N. C. Frank J. Owens, is a member of The U-. S. Marine forces somewhere in the South Pacific, and before he left Pearl Harbor, T, H. he bought these bonds which were to be sent to his home address, Webster, N. C. but inadvertantly put down his mothers name as Mrs. S. J. Owens, beneficiary, when he should have put her name as Mrs. Francis Elvira Owens instead. The name of Francis Elvira Owens is correct, and is one and the same person as Mrs. S. J. Owens, and not two persons. I trust that the above is sufficient explanation for you to re-issure the bonds as directed and mail same to Frank J. Owens, Webster, N. C, for safe keeping by his Mother untill his return. Very tuly yours, J. F. Owens, U. S. Naval Air Station, Tall Timbers, Md. CC/ Mrs. S. J. Owens, Webster, N. C.

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