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Letters supporting Appalachian National Park movement

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  • Officers, Appalachian National Park Association. EXECUTIVE OFFIclsTASH^iLLE, N. C. PRESIDENT : Geo. S. Powell. SEC. AND TREAS.: Dr. C. P. Ambler. North Carolina. A. H. McQuilkin, M. H. Cone, Hon. R. D. Gilmer, Hugh MacRae, J. P. Caldwell, Harry Walters, A. B. Andrews, S. Wittkowsky, F. R. Hewitt. West Virginia. Prof. Corbett. VICE-PRESIDENTS: Tennessee. Hon. Benton McMillan, Prof. C. W. Dabney, Hon. R. L. Taylor. Virginia. J. Skelton Willians, Hon. John W. Daniel, Hon. Hoge Tyler. DIRECTORS: South Carolina. J. C. Garlington. District of Columbia. M. V. Richards. Georgia. P. A. Stovall. Kentucky. S. C. Mason. South Carolina. John B. Cleveland, N. G. Gonzales, Gen. Edward McCrady. Kentucky. John R. Proctor, Hon. J. C. S. Blackburn. Georgia. J. J. Seay, Clark Howell, Hon. A. J. Candler. North Carolina. C. A. Schenck, J. A. Holmes, Chas. A. Webb, A. M. Waddell, J. A. Nichols, E. P. McKissick, S. C. Welch, Josephus Daniels. COMMITTEE ON MEMBERSHIP: L. P. McLoud, Chairman, Dr. H. K. Porter, E. R. Pinckney, B. H. Cosby, A. H. McQuilkin, H. C. Eccles, Prof. Clarence W. Mathews, S. C. Welch, COMMITTEE ON WAYS AND MEANS: W. B. Gwyn, Chairman, North Carolina. Moses H. Cone, South Carolina. S. Wittkowsky, J. P. Garlington. J. F. Hayes. T. W. Patton, Fred A. Hull, M. D. Long. COMMITTEE ON PETITIONS AND MEMORIALS: District of Columbia. M. V. Richards, Chairman. Georgia. Pleasant V. Stovall. South Carolina, N. G. Gonzales. North Carolina. E. P. McKissick, Chas. McNamee. J. A. Holmes, J. F. Hayes, Geo. H. Smathers, North Carolina. Hon. J. S. Carr, S. P. Ravenel, Jr., Frank Loughran, A. M. Waddell, Josephus Daniels, H. S. Harkins, COMMITTEE ON PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION. H. Claybrook James, Chairman, Dr. C. P. Ambler, H.T. Collins.

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