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Stories of mountain folk broadcast: 2015-02-21

  • The show begins with Amy’s story “Blue Snow,” another in her series describing the early years of her mother’s married life on Cullowhee Mountain. “As the Deer” by David Bauer accompanies the story. On Creative Corner, Doreyl talks with Bruce & Carol Peterson, who are square dancers associated with Shindig on the Green in Asheville. They talk about how they got involved with square dancing through competitions and square dance teams, as well as how they are working to preserve traditional square dancing. “Hoe Down” from the album “Fiddle Sticks” follows the interview. Amy’s guest on Stories of Mountain Folk is Mary Sue Casey of Sylva, who will soon begin as an interviewer for the show. She is a cousin of Victoria A. Casey McDonald, and she talks about her relationship with Victoria and some of the artistic endeavors they worked on together. She also shares some stories about her life growing up and going to school in Jackson County and her career as an educator. The interview is followed by “I Got Shoes” by Clara Ward. On This Is My Home, Joe hosts Frank Moody, who grew up in Love’s Field. He shares some stories from his life, focusing on his service in World War II and his life after the war. “Moose” by Banjo Mania follows the interview. On Down Another Road, Judy reads a story by her aunt, Frances Rhodes Bullard of Avery’s Creek, called “Fun Times Between Chores.” The story recounts how her aunt and her siblings filled their time as children. “Little Black Dog” by Andrews & Lawrence closes the show.