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Senator Pritchard's questions regarding the park movement

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  • -_•> •Stent in the Wittier boundary than in any other similar boundary in all the two million acres above rnfdrr^.A to. Taking this boundary us en average, SSJ /ill have oO small ownerships of 500 acres each on *%OOfl acres, and figuring frsn the *&9l« number of acres available, as in snswtr to question Mo. 1., we would have an equa- tion, 00 : 100,-00 iO, or in other* words, in the Role Xt615,3(50 acres, there are probably 950 small holders. 4. How much of the proposed territory has been denuded of forests'5 Big T idgeon 3«s en, *lt000 "orth Slope of Smokies, 21,000 Little T«nn«ts«4 River Pas in, *L,000 Kinvsssse Basin, 45,000 Tallulah Chattanooga Ass in, :->B,ooo Tsnavay 2 as in ', 50n Prenoh Broad Basin, 2*0,000 "iolichucky Basin, 155,000 0;,.p 1 " 1 in, 57, < •es, acres, acres, acres, acres, acres, I S, acres, acres, or or or ad ■> y or 29-- 11$ 5< 24 or or . ,-'y or * or or This includes ail lands of the several ftrainags systems lying within the gen* r;.l mountain region, i. e,, between the foot of the Blue Ri is] thq Southeast :*nd the l-.joki-s on t*U Northwest. R;e "■- Stated Is the percentage of the Wt\Q\ sin. Leaving out th« land -eally agricultural fchi percentage tould bi greatly reduced. ,,fe think in no t*M where the reserve is desirable would th *\ percentage be over 5^>, tse it SOUKI be desirable to have slearings of truly agricultural land remain her* and there rithin ths general borfisrs of the i^-nzrv. K 9 , Has there been any measurement of streams in ssstsm North Carolina within the gMISt fifteen years, end if so, shat does this measurement rith r t to decrease of volume of eater within that time in this territory* » (This question 1* referred to the Director of the U. S. Geological Survey for western North Carolina. Have not had time to secure answer.

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