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Margaret Kephart to Leonard Kephart, March 14, 1935, page 2

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  • do you think? How about offering it again to Macmillan after revising it? Also the S.E.P. I haven’t the least idea what you are doing there in Washington. I have heard only one vague reference to “presentations at the White House” and “graduations” from home. Who was “presented” and why, and who “graduated”? I wish I could see you to get your re-action to the present administration. I am kicking myself to thinking I voted for it! I am well, and my job is all right as far as the work goes, but the living conditions are not very pleasant and I hate the country; but I expect to stick on here (D.R.) because I see prospects professionally. Love to Frances, and the children, who I suppose are practically grown up now (meaning the children). Margaret

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