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Interview with Susan Leveille, June 21, 2000

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  • In this interview, conducted as part of the "Threads of Life : the History of Hand Weaving in the Southern Highlands" project, Jackson County native Susan Leveille talks about how she became interested in weaving as a young girl. Susan shares some of the history of weaving in western North Carolina as well as of the Penland School and cottage industries of the area. She has taught weaving since graduating from college, concentrating on creating useful, functional items, with most of her students using the craft as supplemental income for their families. Changes that have occurred in weaving over the years are discussed: availability of learning resources, new fabrics/textiles, technology and equipment. Susan confides that although she knows how to spin, dye and card fabric, she prefers to just throw the shuttle with her precious time. Toward the end of the interview, Susan talks briefly about the history of her family and their ties to the region.