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Correspondence between Zebulon Weaver, R. C. D'Armand, and Mrs. Henry H. Horton, 1932

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  • Knom^ULLS Te»MI!MJEiS5§E;E October 18, 1932 Congressman Zeb leaver, Asheville, I« C. Dear Sir: Ho doubt you have heard something of the fight that has been going on to displace Colonel D. C. Chapman as chairman of the Tennessee Park Commission. The four new appointees to the commission who constitute a majority, have elected a temporary chairman who is not acceptable to Bast Tennesseaans. J hey have had two meetings since appointing the temporary ohs^^^^Tha^i11 re fused to appoint a permanent chairman. ese™ ^°Tm,a Hunter Library There is grave danger that the funds of the Rockefeller Foundation will be withdrawn entirely unless Colonel Chapman or some one else who is acceptable to the foundation, is elected permanent chairman. The people of Bast Tennessee want Colonel Chapman re-elected chairman and Colonel Chapman is entitled to the honor. In addition, no other man is capable to carry on the work as Colonel Chapman, since he is thoroughly familiar with all details of the work and has the confidence of the Rockefeller Founiation and the officials of the Rational Parks Service. It has been suggested that you may be able to help the cause by writing to Governor Horton, addressing your letter to Mrs. Henry H. Horton, Executive Mansion, Bashville, Tennessee. If sufficient pressure is brought to bear on the governor, it is possible that he will instruct the four appointees which he made, to re-elect Colonel Chapman as chairman. anything you can do will be appreciated by every East Tennesseean and will help the completion of the Great Smoky Mountains lational Park. Sincerely yours.

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  • Zebulon Weaver (1872-1948) was a lawyer and U.S. Representative from western North Carolina. He was a member of the North Carolina Park Commission and was involved in the land acquisition process that went towards establishment of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and development of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This set of four letters--correspondence between Zebulon Weaver, Mrs. Henry Horton, and R. C. D’Armand--centers around the issue of Colonel Chapman’s reelection as the Chairman of the Tennessee Park Commission. R. C. D’Armand to Zebulon Weaver, October 18, 1932 In this letter D’Armand expresses the support of East Tennesseeans for Colonel D. C. Chapman to be reelected as the Chairman of the Tennessee Park Commission and urges Weaver to bear upon the Tennessee governor to this purpose. Zebulon Weaver to Mrs. Henry H. Horton, October 24, 1932 In this letter Weaver states to Mrs. Horton that Colonel Chapman’s dismissal would be regrettable considering the personal sacrifices that Chapman had made for the establishment of the park. Zebulon Weaver to R. C. D’Armand, October 24, 1932 In this letter Weaver mentions he had written to Mrs. Horton as D’Armand had suggested and he supported Colonel Chapman. R. C. D’Armand to Zebulon Weaver, November 19, 1932 In this letter D’Armand acknowledges Weaver’s support for Chapman and hopes the Governor and Mrs. Horton would persuade the Commission to reelect Colonel Chapman.