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Correspondence: Arno B. Cammerer to Zebulon Weaver, September 14, 1934

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  • September U, 193A. Hon. ZtbuP-- B HW| •;-ate.tives, B#*r 8r<* He**®?! Through an error yoar letter of August 16 wa« referr*d by our ImmUmmm iivl»l« to the Superintendent of the »Mt Ssoky loaatalaa Matloiiai Park for wsply withoat retaining • copy la this office Mi I h&i. to request Mm to f*f$MM the letter before I esuM answer it myself. I tow only fast w»togM4 from i busy wsstara trip of inspection aad input that stieh i itiftjr «hoold have oeeitrrsd in MMMtiM with mgt letter tHm you* I M mm you know tii&t m NM to gives 1®~ wdlate attention to lap natter in whiofo JfM Mt interested. Answering ycmr iapnlries seriatim The HtlMtoi sheet will give gM the -..ppropriatioss 00 far iPMtltii or ellotaents Mil to do the work within tto© Great Ssoky Mountains National Park, It is Mt pos»ibl® to gi*« tela infor»tlon separately us to whit $MMM6* or Sortb Carolina has »o@iv«d NmMM* tha appwpirifttlon® wmm Mil airoei to the park tm& wsr« distributed by us according to th« ae#d® of adaialstration, p-otee- It |a also not practicable tmr nm M this few to furnish a wjj shoeing oaso sites, roads* •tt»t ia the park, We are still :.t work on « \ Mstor plan for f*MM d^log^t^^i^^iXl not be Mijftiftll for MM ^ Western Carolina University At to mMHmM to fee pr@emite|>irfboundary, the Park S^rrice ft* pMMt fe-av? a© plan for sagr MltatSfMMl of mm original aim c-rtifiad to Sortb Carolina Ml 1 MMMW* iMMWa Ml iroold life? toej «aeh at tlas to Ml the hmm&mU»s^ forth 0-s.rallra ©steaded at l#ast to the Little fMMMM Mvoft ftta only reason that fe* MMfe$F Um was not plaoad ttM 1b the first instance w&t frlMMI th* land wee held at Mt! * high priot AM to allagod c^per'ds^oeife for the aerdisition of which no naaay «&& ia night, - aad is not new in. flight* In ny MMI9 I can swy paiHf ..itsily fest it ia not planned to go Mffei th* original ted line «| mm point.

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