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Weave pattern: Beautiful Waves

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  • These two early 1900s weaving drafts illustrate the coverlet pattern known as Beautiful Waves. To record a pattern, a weaver creates a draft and/or a drawdown. A draft looks much like a strip of musical notation; a drawdown is a visual grid that illustrates a single weaving block. These drafts are in the collection of Frances Louisa Goodrich (1856-1944), who recorded weaving patterns she collected in and around Asheville, North Carolina. The first, SHCG_FLG6_BB67, was originally given to Goodrich by Mrs. Allen of Rochester, New York. On the other, SHCG_FLG6_scrap5, "Tenn." is written on the pattern strip and probably denotes the origin of the design. Mrs. Allen was one of several people with whom Goodrich exchanged coverlet patterns. Both drafts note the wavy border around the edges of the pattern.