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  • Albert K. Smiley PROPRIETOR. Lake Mohonk Mountain House Mohonk Lake. Ulster Co. N.Y. &&H. so,- iqoi-. Q^adracn-lan ria-t'-C Pa-tlc, G.-&JhvAAAi-e, 'ft. C. Qen-t4emeP: - A no-te -in -a Ae-c-en-t -to.-M.t-e A Fa-Vfc V G-em-et-e'Vy -tna-t ■m-en-t'lan .4* mad-e of- a t#fa&$&»* o$ swadt aft©o<m|»4**4e^ ^ 'you-'i, aa-aocAa-t-lon, end cofnin-eAii on tn-e mo-uem-enP {v^ p^ofnlVien-t new-ajsapeAa and AtA-enb - vo-A-A-ed --fr-y i&V. C. K Qm^yie/i1' A nav-e quA/t-e an -esc-ten-k-vue -t-UWa-'i/y o£ %9%&e o-£ -t-lil-o na-tuA'-e, and 'juou-'fcd -&-e -u-eA-y g'&ad -i^ &. could 3-ecuA-e -a eo'ja-y o£ -trx-e a-frou-e -to- add 'to- -m-y eo't-'E-ec- -tawi. <?if- -tn-eA-e aA-e -y-e-t •co'^'le^. -£oA g-en-eAa't dA-tAA/^utAn, S. would e-k-t-eetn AX a gA-ea't -flavoA -i-f- -you would -t-end m-e on.-© -to Pne a-to-u-e addA-e-fea. $/£ no-t, would -you It'-tnct't'y ad-u-i-a-e a-n-eAe and Iiok a •mlgfil o-&laln a co^u? DeAtj IauIu 1j)oua«j.,

Object’s are ‘parent’ level descriptions to ‘children’ items, (e.g. a book with pages).