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Townsend Whelen to members of National Rifle Association, February 9, 1920, page 1

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  • WAR DEPARTMENT. NATIONAL BOARD FOR THE PROMOTION OF RIFLE PRACTICE. Washington, D. C. Bulletin No.l. Small-Bore. February 9., 1920. This letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Tcwnsend Wlielen, G-eneral Staff, U.B.A., Chairman, Small-Bore Committee, National Rifle Association, 1108 Woodward Building, Washington, D. 0.., is published for the information of all concerned. Toi Members cf the National Rifle Association, Secretaries of Rifle Clubs, Mem- I bers of Rifle Clubs, and to all other American citizens interested in Rifle ; Shooting. Geiitlemenz I wish to call your attention to a matter I consider of the greatest importance, connected with rifle shooting, and one which 1 think will be of considerable personal interest to you all. I refer to the new movement to promote Sma.ll-Bore Rifle Shooting. As Chairman of the National Rifle Association Committee., I am determined that we shall make a success of Small-Bore Shooting this year, and place the sport solidly on its feet for the future. Your country nea ds your help and cooperation. The NRA will start Outdoor Small-Bore Rifle Shooting throughout the United States early in May. It is desired that every rifle club be ready then wi'kh its range, its equipment, its rifles, its ammunition, and its members. If y0'(i do not belong to a rifle club, join one, or else organize a club in your toira and come on and shoot with us. Here is the plan: We will have two team matches and one individual match, and more if m&u want them and will make a go of them. The following conditions have been piToposed for matches to be shot during May and June. Small-Bore Team Match Shot weekly for six weeks commencing about May 1, 1920. Any number can shoot - scores of ten high men to count for record. Each man to fire the following scores: 50 Yards. Decimal Target (2-inch bull). 10 shots, slow fire, kneeling or sitting, time limit 5 minutes. 10 shots, rapid firs,' prone, time limit 1 minute for repeaters, 2 minutes for single shot rifles. 100 Yards. Decimal Target (4-inch bull). 20 shots, slow fire, prone, time limit 20 minutes. Small-Bore Long Range Team Match To be shot the last week of the six weeks season, about June 15, 1920. Any number can shoot—scores.of eight high men in each club to count for record. Each man to fire the following scores on Small-Bore Target 0-5, 150 Yards, slow fire, prone, 2 sighters and 15 shots. 175 Yards, slow fire, prone, 2 sighters and 15 shots. 200 Yards, slow fire, prone, 2 sighters and 15 shots* - Small-Bore Long Range Individual Match To be shot last week of the season. Individual competition, one entry. Small-Bore Target C-5. 200 Yards, slow fire, prone, 2 sighters and ,0 shots.

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