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To Father, March 6, 1862, page 1

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  • March the 6th, 1862 Martin County, Hamilton, NC Dear Father I seat myself to inform you of my present situation. I cannot say that I am well at this time, though am able to be up and about. I wrote to you when I was at Weldon, in that letter I stated that we was coming to this place. We left Weldon on the 27th of Feb. and reached this place the first of March. I cannot say how long we will stay here. We are fortifying this place with the expectation of staying here some time, but it is owing to the movements of the Yankies whether we stay long or not. The health of our Regiment is very bad. There is near half the Regiment that is sick or at least not able for duty. I have not read a letter from home since the 12 of last month. I want you to write soon and let me know what the times is in Rutherford and whether there is any body trying to raise a camp there or not, and I want you to write what the general feeling is among the people there now about the War. Wm. Jones has been trying t

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