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Stories of mountain folk broadcast: 2015-05-23

  • The show opens with Amy’s story “In a City of Neighborhoods,” which continues her story of her married life with Robert Garza in San Rafael, California. “Great is the Lord” by David Bauer accompanies the story. Doreyl’s guest on Creative Corner is once again Jeff Marley, who talks about the Nantahala School for the Arts and its programs, as well as the impact of the arts. “All the Love We’ve Missed” by Kathy Collins Barber follows the interview. On Stories of Mountain Folk, Amy talks with author Eva Nell Mull Wike, who talks about her two books, The Matheson Cove : in the shadow of the Devil’s Post Office, and Fiddler of the Mountains : attuned to the life and times of Johnny Mull. The interview is followed by “Lovin’ Ladies Man” by Johnny Mull. On This Is My Home, Joe talks with Frank Moody, who talks about returning to Jackson County after living in Florida and shares some of his memories of his family and growing up in Webster. “Mountain Town” by Paul Cataldo follows the interview. On Down Another Road, Judy talks again with Sandy and Ron West of Hot Springs, who talk about the history of Hot Springs during the Civil War as well as some of the history of Hot Springs Spa after World War I and a story about Zebulon Vance’s childhood in the area. The interview is followed by “Civil War Medley” by Ron Smith, and the show ends with “Musician’s Prayer” by Terry Edwards.