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Stories of mountain folk broadcast: 2014-11-29

  • Amy opens the show with the third part of the play "Samantha Bumgarner and the History of Mountain String Music", which was produced in 2001 by CSA and the 4th grade students of Jackson County. Fiddle music is supplied by Amanda Dills Stewart, and the reading is accompanied by “The Old Guitar.” On Creative Corner, Doreyl talks with Bryson City native Renea Winchester, who is an author. She talks about her latest book on gardening and her interest in farming, gardening, and traditional mountain foods. She also shares her excitement about returning to western North Carolina after living in Georgia. “The Old Mountaineer” by Mountain Faith follows the interview. On Stories of Mountain Folk, Amy talks once again with walking historian Bill Crawford, who continues sharing some of the history of downtown Sylva and the businesses that used to be there. The interview is followed by “A Music Man” by the Queen Family. On Stories of the Cherokee, Shawn shares the history of the Cherokee Green Corn Ceremony and the importance of corn to the Cherokee. Flute music is by Bo Taylor. Judy’s guest on Down Another Road is Gail Clawson of Dick’s Creek, who shares some of her childhood and teenage memories of growing up in Sylva. The interview is followed by “Golden Moments” by Clover, and “Timothy” by the Collins Family wraps up the show.