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Samuel Robert Owens to Frances Elvira Owens and Steven J. Owens, October 05, 1945

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  • United States Navy Dearest Mother, Dad and all the rest, well, I finally got freed from these #*>! Japs and I’m on my way home. I guess I’ll get there pretty close to Thanksgiving the way it looks now. Pretty hard to get transportation. I had a pretty hard time in the prison camp but I guess you’ve read all about it. It’s all true and a lot more. I worked in a coal mine. I have had a glorious time since I’ve been freed. Just eating and sleeping. I ate so much for awhile I was very uncomfortable. But now I’m getting fat. I’ve gained about 30 lbs. already. I sure am anxious to get home and see everybody almost eight years now and I mean that is a long time

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