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  • Little Margaret Reynolds Dead The entire community of Cullowhee was made sad by the death of bright little Margaret Reynolds. Scores of school girls, into whose arms she rushed again and again in gleeful sport will shed tears at the news. A large circle of friends and loved ones mourn the early going away of this dear little one. Margaret was born November the third, nineteen hundred and eleven, and died August the twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, being thus three years and nearly ten months old. We buried her body by the side of that of her little brother, who had gone on before, in the cemetery in West Asheville. It was distinctly noticeable that Margaret was possessed of striking individuality. Even when little more than an infant she displayed signs of an unusual originality. She was independent, aggressive. She gave promise of being a strong and useful woman. Those who were closely acquainted with her observed often that she had a keen sense of humor that sparkled in her blue eyes and spread a smile on the faces of all around. She enjoyed a good joke and was a precious little sport-maker herself, to the greatly to the delight of her