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Leonard Kephart to Laura Kephart, January 29, 1946, page 2

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  • confidence that he can make enough nore [sic] money for Morrison’s businesses to more than pay his keep. He and Mary Ann have bought a house on the strength of it - a well-built 5 room place next a country club about 8 miles out. Ralph is still in the Army and does not know when he will be released. Neither does he know what he is going to do when he does get out. I have a deal on with Dr. Stern, my Jewish friend from N.Y. to go into the Water Hyacinth utilization bus- iness, in fact he told me today that xx he would pay me more than I’ll ever get out of the Government even counting my re- tirement pay. So perhaps the Kepharts are headed at last for some of this money stuff we have been hearing about. Its kinda late in the day for me bur I’m not exactly senile and Dr. Stern says he is sure I can do it. Specifically his plan is to set up an endowed foundation to make rare chemicals out of water hyacinth with cattle feed as a side line. He figures that it should be a $20,000,000 business and he has made several millions so he should know. And as he has never lost a cent in any of his enterprises you cant just brush off his ideas. Well, we will see what we will see. If I make $10,000 some day I’ll send you - well anything you can think of. It would be a pleasure. I should add that this is not a pipe dream. Its an outgrowth of the plan we have been working on to use stinging nettle. The water hyacinth is simply a better plant for the purpose. And the Dept. of Agriculture, the War Dept., the State of Louisiana and the State of Florida are all co-operating on it. So hold your hat. (But dont let go of your purse. After all there’s no harm in dreaming, especially when a millionaire is in the picture.) Well, I seem to have gotten wound up on that. Your letter came yesterday. I was sorry to hear about Iida Irvine. I have not seen or heard of her in thirty years but its one more childhood dream that’s gone. I was sorry to hear, too, about Mr. Patterson though of course not surprised. I wonder what will become of his stamp collection. He really had a beautiful one and at present value an exceedingly valuable one from what I remeber [sic] of it. Dicky wants to say something to Gate Gwama. “I am DICKY. HOw are you. I am fine. I went tu a birthday party today” that was Dicky with Pop Pop assisting. I am Pop Pop. I sure wish you could see all of these babies. Its quite a crew. If I can get ahold of a new car I’m coming up to get you when the weather is better. My old 1937 Chevvy [sic] just would not get there and back in one piece. Love from all,

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