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Howard F. Bresee to Steven J. Owens, September 13, 1944

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  • HEADQUARTERS ARMY SERVICE FORCES Office of The Provost Marshal General Washington 25» D. C. 13 September 1944- TM2c Samuel R. Owens, United States Prisoner of War, Military Prison Camp #,3, Philippine Islands, Via: New York, New York. Mr. Stephen John Owens, Webster, North Carolina. Dear Mr. Owenss The Provost Marshal General has directed me to inform you of the transfer of the above-named prisoner of war to the camp indicated. You may communicate with him by following the inclosed mailing instructions. Further information will be forwarded as soon as it is received. Sincerely yours, Howard F. Bresee, Colonel, CM.P., Assistant Director, Prisoners of War Division. 1 Incl. Mailing Circular. 24-68094ABCD

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