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Howard F. Bresee to POW next of kin, September 15, 1943

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  • •Pencils Water color paints Oil paints for artists Paint brushes Glue (powdered) Small musical instruments Rulers Hair nets and pins Knitting needles (non-metallic) Crochet needles (non-metallic) Crochet thread Knitting yarn Elastic •Pillow covers and pillow slips Table scarfs •Sheets Hogs Cooking utensils Blankets •Processed American or Swiss Cheese (must be packed in cellophane and cardboard container) •Dried prunes, raisins, or apricots peaches and apples (in one- pound or one-half pound cellophane packages) •Dried soups (in cellophane bags) •Bouillon cubes (i pound) •Meat extracts, dried (i pound) Cereals of the whole grain variety as the oatmeal and dark farina type, or vitamin fortified white grain cereals (cardboard containers) Nuts - only pecans, Brasil nuts, or pecans in shell or salted (cellophane bags or cardboard boxes) Rice (one pound in cellophane or other transparent paper package or cardboard boxes) •Plain or ohocolate powdered malted milk in press-in top tins not in excess of one pound •Malted milk tablets in press-in top tins not in excess of 500 tablets •Hard candy Sweet chocolate in bars (one pound) Candy bars •Dried cocoa •Dried vegetables in cellophane or cardboard packages Onion flakes Dried noodles, macaroni or spaghetti in cardboard boxes Biscuits, cookies and crackers (one pound in cardboard containers) Coffee in plain bags not In excess of one-fourth (i) pound Tea - bulk (loose) in one-fourth (i) or one-half (£) pound bags or cardboard boxes Postum (in press-in top tins) Nescafe (in press-in top tins) Ovaltine (in press-in top tins) •Cocoa in press-in top cans or cellophane bags not in excess of one- half (i) pound •Sugar in paper bags or cardboard boxes not in excess of one pound Seasoning materials (salt, pepper and apices) The signature and address of sender must appea; on the label. Dated July 10, 1943. in ink in the space provided 1 Incl. Label Howard F. Bresee, Colonel, C.M.P., Chief, Information Bureau. f^Ji^jSi

Object’s are ‘parent’ level descriptions to ‘children’ items, (e.g. a book with pages).