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G. W. Whitman to Dear Sister, March 19, 1862, page 4

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  • and found the city nearly deserted and fired in 3 or 4 places, the lines did not do much damage however and most of our troops are now quartered there. Our regt. marched slowly up to the river and as our boys were about tired out we spread our blankets on the ground and passed the night there. We are now encamped on the bank of the river about 2 miles from the city and we have things very comfortable. We will probably stay here for some time. The enemy had tremendous advantages over us and as they had more men engaged than we had, they ought to have cut us to pieces as they have spent months and months fortifying and getting ready for us. After we were landed from the ships our gunboats went up and drove the rebels out of 4 or 5 splendid shore batteries so that our victory is complete. We have taken quite a number of canon, and to day a part of our force leaves here to take another small city lying on the coast. The last letter I received from home was dated Feb 19 and I have had none from you since I left Annapolis. I wrote you soon after our fight at Roanoke did you get the letter write immediately please. G.W. Whitman

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