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G. J. Huntley to friends & relations, January 17, 1862, page 1

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  • Jan. the 17th, 1862 Wayn County, Goldsborough, NC Dear Friends & relations, I seat myself to give you a description of my present situation. I am well at this time and I hope these lines will find you all in the same condition. I can inform you that our Regiment left Raleigh last Monday. We got orders last Sunday to have our tents tore down and ready for moving by day light next morning. Early the next morning, on Monday morning, our baggage was all moved out to the railroad, which is distant from camp Mangum one mile. When we reached the road we found that there was only cars enough to carry the right wing of our Regiment and the left wing, which is the wing that our company is in had to stay there in an old field till one hour after dark on Monday night, then the cars came up and the left wing crawled in. All the baggage of our company and all our men was put in one box. It was full from bottom to top. We just piled on top of one and other and I thought from Raleigh to Goldsborough that our box would smash all to pieces. We reached Goldsborough about three o clock and it rained and sleeted from the time we left Raleigh till the following Wednesday morning. When we got to Goldsborough, me and Wm. and Tolliver got out of the cars and went into a hotel and got a bed and slept till day and they made us pay 50 cents each. Nearly all the rest lay in the cars. Our company is now stationed in the town in a large brick house up in the third story. We have a stove in our room and it is a very good place to stay. Rut the Regiment has all been putting up their tents this morning out at the edge of town in what is called the fair ground. That is about twelve acres of ground that has a plank fence all around it for the purpose of showing all kind of stock and every thing else to see who has the finest. Our company only gets the house to stay in a few days till the weather gets better.

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