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Correspondence: [L. W. Shrafur?] to Zebulon Weaver, January 4, 1926 (Purchase Fund Campaign)

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  • Zebulon Weaver (1872-1948) was a lawyer and U.S. Representative from western North Carolina. He was a member of the North Carolina Park Commission and was involved in the land acquisition process that went towards establishment of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and development of the Blue Ridge Parkway. In this letter states he was sending to Congressman Weaver in Washington copies of the publications-“Great Smoky Mountains” and “Save Our Mountains,” as per the latter’s request. He was also sending a copy of December’s “Outlook” and a copy of the “National Park” booklet from November devoted to the Smoky Mountain National Park. The letter ends by stating Weaver inform others in Washington that the Purchase Fund Campaign for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park would work towards raising the balance of the $1,000,000 fund.
  • TIONAL PARK FOR 82.000.000 PEOPLE LIVING EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER NORTH CAROLINA PARK COMMISSION MARK SQUIRES, CHAIRMAN. LENOIR EUGENE C. BROOKS, SECRETARY, RALEIGH D. M. BUCK, BALD MOUNTAIN H. W. CHASE, CHAPEL HlLL JOHN G. DAWSON, KlNSTON J. H. DILLARD, MURPHY PLATO D. EBBS, ASHEVILLE A. M. KISTLER, MOROANTON FRANK L1NNEY, BOONE HARRY NETTLES,BlLTMORE E. S. PARKER, JR., GREENSBORO THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS. INC. (THE HOLDING COMPANY) MARK SQUIRES, PRESIDENT CHARLES A. WEBB, VlCE-PRESJDENT EUGENE C. BROOKS, SECRETARY F. ROGER MILLER, TREASURER EUGENE ADAMS D. R. BRYSON D. M. BUCK PLATO D. EBBS DAN TOMPKINS T. S. ROLLINS WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA PLATO D. EBBS, DISTRICT CHAIRMAN WOMEN'S DIVISION MRS. CHAS. M. PLATT, CHAIRMAN MRS. J. W. HUSTON, ASHEVILLE DISTRICT MRS. C. C. DUCHANAN, WAYNESVILLE DISTRICT MRS. E. L. SHUFORD, HICKORY DISTRICT ASHEVILLE CITY BUNCOMBE COUNTY DONALD S. ELIAS, CHAIRMAN HARRY NETTLES, ASSOCIATE CHAIRMAN HOLMES BRYSON, CIVIC COORDINATION J. G. STIKELEATHER, ORGANIZATION SAM A. HUBBARD, TREASURER AND AUDIT T. S. ROLLINS, SPECIAL GIFTS MARCUS ERWIN, SPEAKERS GRAY GORHAM, PUBLICITY NORMAN W. REED, ARRANGEMENTS CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ASHEVILLE. N. C. DIVISION LEADERS MRS. O. C. HAMILTON, WOMEN'. Dlv. R. CHURCH CROWELL J. WALTER HAYNES ROSCOE A. MARVEL W. SCOTT RADEKER CHAS. S. WALTERS TEUEPHONE SI 86-5 187 January 4, 1986 Congressman Weaver House of Representatives Washington, D. 0. Dear Mr. Weaver: In accordance with your request I am sending under seperate cover twelve copies of the ■ Great Smoky Mountains11 f a printing. we are useing with larger givers; also twenty- five copies of *Save our Mountains", a small illustrated printing- which you may find most convenient to hand out casually. I am also sending you a copy of Decemberfs "Outlook" containing Mr. Gregg's article on the national Park; and a copy of the"National Park " booklet of November, devoted to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I am sure you can get other copies of this last named printSap from Secretary Yard of the National Park Association. Tell them all at Washington that we begin the New Year with one-half of the $1,000,000 fund^and with every prospect of securing the balance of the fund in the next few weeks. LWS-.TL Thanking you for your devoted interest, I am Sincerely yours, Jutrr<s* oAjlouvC ^Vc*—