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Billie Preetorius to Mrs. E. L. Preetorius, June 28, 1943

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  • U. S. ARMY AIR FORCES MEMPHIS STATE COLLEGE MEMPHIS, TENN. Friday Dear Grandmother, Your letter came yesterday and I was certainly glad to hear from you. It makes me feel sorry to think that I failed to write you first because I have no legitimate excuse. You guessed it right when you said it might be hot here because it is ideal weather for devil. When we go on thoes cross country runs there are usually several boy that faint from no reason except the hot air that forms over the grass under the shade of the trees gets a little too warm for them. I’m glad to hear that mother and Patie finally made it up there. I know they are having a big time and I had rather be there with them than any other place I know except the army. If you let mother drag you off down

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